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Enlightened Perl Organisation

Shadowcat Systems Supports the EPO

Shadowcat Systems has a long relationship with the Enlightened Perl Organisataion. Matt and Mark were two of the original founders of the org. and many Shadowcat staff have helped out at the various events and initiatives.

Mark Keating currently serves as a Director and Secretary of the Organisation and is part of the overall steering team behind the organisations future.

Enlightened Perl Organisation

Enlightened Perl is a membership organization within the Perl community, It has goals that are complementary to the Perl Foundation. 

The Enlightened Perl Organisation supports many Perl development efforts that ensure Perl’s future as an enterprise-grade development platform.

The EPO helps to manage:

 * projects (CPAN, MetaCPAN, Strawberry Perl)
* competitions (MetaCPAN, SAN, SADev)
* community initiatives (SAN, SADev)
* conferences (LPW, Toolchain Summit, MetaCPAN Hack, QA Hack)
* resources (CPAN Testers, Strawberry Perl, MetaCPAN)

Lending business aid, advice and management services on a not-for-profit basis.
All donations and membership fees are used in direct support of community projects.

Supported Projects

The Enlightened Perl Organisation sponsors a number of Projects


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